September 12, 2018
Brickell is a neighborhood known for it’s Manhattan-esque air and feel. One of the only truly walkable neighborhoods in Miami has seen extensive development for years. With so much of this concrete jungle constructed it seems that space for new buildings seems to be at a premium. But one family who holds a legacy for creating areas such as the Omni has a clear solution for not being able to build out–you build up!

Jerome Hollo spearheaded the creation of the tallest commercial and residential mixed use building in Miami. At over 85 stories tall, the space is only matched in its impressive stature by the amenities and unique details that were selected to be developed into the living experience at the Panorama. With 3 different in-building movie theaters (1 designed for sporting events), cyber cafe and even a Wine Tasting and Locker room, the truly innovative nature of the project stands out amongst traditional luxury buildings.

Beyond the project lays the important philosophical and integrity based values of Jerome Hollo and his family. Having the tallest building in Miami was not merely a decision of ego or accolade in a heavily saturated persona based developer market, rather it was a practical and efficient choice as he states that it is better for the environment and for the city to build up instead of having to developer a mile of water, sewer and electrical on a horizontal mile.

One of the truly surprising facts learned during the interview was the passion that Jerome Hollo and his family legacy focused on creating public parks out of decaying and unsafe publicly owned spaces. In some cases going as far as helping the neighborhoods develop CRAs. What words cannot express are reserved for audio recordings and to capture the spirit and vision of one of Miami’s most innovative developers you can now hear it in his own words in our exclusive audio podcast interview.