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Sea Light


Vista Alegre, Ibiza
Type: Residential, villa

Exceptional property with 810 m2 of living space and a 2500 m2 garden boasting panoramic sea views. The 60 m2 pool really catches the eye and is an important feature of the architectural design with its clean lines. Sitting out on the spacious, 30 metre long terrace you can enjoy a panoramic view of the stunningly beautiful natural landscape and sea.
“It was an incredible stroke of luck, to be building in this dream location”, project manager Jan Wichers explains. For years he has been designing exclusive villas on the island. Given the luxury hotels, golf clubs and beach resorts that the German interior designer has already decked out to date around the world, at 810 square metres this villa is a relatively modest project. The entrance hall reveals new perspectives, opening directly onto the upper floor with its huge living space, kitchen and two of the six bedrooms. Daylight fills a glazed terrace, which offers a fantastic view of the sea. The angle of light and the panoramic views create a lively interplay between inside and outside — alongside the clean lines and the open interior design, this interplay is the key element in the fresh interpretation of the traditional cube structures of Ibiza.