April 2019


Leading Interior Designer Paris Forino shares her inspiration for the world-class interiors of East Edgewater’s hottest residential project, Missoni Baia.

Showcasing the timeless appeal of Edgewater’s world-class waterfront lifestyle, Missoni Baia melds art, imagination and innovation with amenities worthy of a luxury resort and a new standard of refined, relaxed and luxurious interiors. OKO Group and Missoni have assembled a team of visionary designers including Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture, Landscape Architect Enzo Enea and Interior Designer Paris Forino to create an architectural landmark in East Edgewater that brings to life the unmistakable Missoni style of living. “Miami has a beautiful, sunny and optimistic vibe unmatched anywhere else in the world,” says Paris Forino of Paris Forino Interior Design, the award-winning full-service international design firm responsible for Missoni Baia’s inspiring interiors. “We brought all of those qualities to the interiors and to the public spaces — they are all very light, reflective and serene. The amenities spaces and the lobby have a clean, calm and elemental feeling to them, representing understated and refined elegance at its finest.”; MissoniBaia.com