April 2022

 The building will be one of Miami’s tallest structures

 Renowned architect Robert Behar recently presented “Unfolding The Layers Of Luxury” to showcase Okan Tower’s unique tulip-shaped design, which will rise to 902 feet in the Miami skyline during its expected debut in 2026. The 70-story building will feature a glass façade with a curved apex and has generated over $39 million in sales. Architectural firm Behar Font & Partners, P.A., founded by acclaimed architect Robert Behar, designed the unique structure, which is expected to break ground this June. 

The presentation was held at Okan Tower’s downtown sales gallery at 542 Nort Miami Ave. The event featured Behar and Carmen Casadella, Vice President of Development Sales at Fortune International Group, serving as the moderator. The discussion involved the developer’s emphasis on ensuring the building’s design would be an instantly iconic image for the Magic City. 

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