Design & Development

Landmark design is a marriage of global resources and local expertise, orchestrated with an unerring respect for our buyers’ sophisticated tastes and lifestyle. The world’s foremost architects and designers work closely with the Fortune International Group team, creating iconic designs that benefit from our company’s decades of experience in the Miami luxury market. We have been privileged to work alongside a constellation of superstars including Herzog & de Meuron, Luis Revuelta, Carlos Ott, Kravitz Design, led by Lenny Kravitz, Arquitectonica, PYR, led by Pierre Yves Rochon, Michele Bönan and UN Studio.


Fortune’s finance team handles financial planning, strategic initiatives, and business development initiatives internally. This team identifies and acquires properties for development and investment; identifies unique opportunities to maximize the value of Fortune International Group projects; and performs all financial management functions throughout the life of our projects, including exit strategies and dispositions.

Relationships have always been a key strength of Fortune International Group. The finance group maintains extensive relationships with private and institutional equity partners and within the banking industry. Many of these alliances have been nurtured over decades. When developing new funding sources, our trusted reputation opens doors.

End-loan Financing

Fortune’s finance group houses the end-loan team, which provides support in helping buyers of units to get the financing they need. With a vast network of lender relationships and our company’s understanding of financing products, these end loan specialists broaden the base of potential buyers for our projects. Services include: obtaining FNMA approvals and renewals, as needed; matching buyer characteristics to the most appropriate lender; attracting new lenders and identifying financing alternatives.


Fortune International Group’s construction team consists of experienced engineers, who, on average, have 30 years of experience in general construction, but also in developing luxury condominiums. Fortune is committed to quality control in every phase of any given project. Each project commences with the team providing input on the constructability of design ideas and, from there, continuing through hands-on site management and delivery. For all of the above reasons, the construction team provides significant value to the development process.

Projects are each assigned an in-house team to be located at the jobsite, so that decisions are facilitated and delays are avoided. By directly handling pre-construction tasks, and coordinating on-site with sub-contractors and consultants, the construction group provides on-schedule delivery of an uncompromising product.

Asset Management

The asset management team provides all of Fortune International Group’s expertise and support to third parties. A developer, capital source, or lender that wants to tap in to Fortune’s approach, local expertise and management team, can do so by engaging the asset management team. The areas of value-add expertise that are included are design/development, sales, financial planning, unit closings, supervision of property management, and the turnover of projects to condo associations.