2017 will be a great year for The Miami Real Estate Show. We look forward to bringing you even bigger names in real estate with the re-vamped web series hosted by The Montiel Organization’s founder Orlando Montiel.

The Miami Real Estate Show is dedicated to bringing you the truth behind the success of the most prominent real estate celebrities including Ugo Colombo, Carlos Rosso , Nitin Motwani, Craig Studnicky, Jay Parker, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Alicia Cervera Sr, Jeff Morr, Eloy Carmenate, Esther Percal, Nancy Batchelor, and Philip Spiegelman, among others.

Introducing 2017’s first episode of The Miami Real Estate Show featuring host Orlando Montiel and Edgardo Defortuna, President, CEO & Founder of Fortune International Group. Mr. Defortuna achieved the ultimate success in real estate; escalating from an agent, to a mega-broker, and now to one of South Florida’s most legendary developers, and has built an empire here.

It all began when he immigrated to Miami in late 1970 accompanying his sister on her medical internship at the order of their father. A move that may have been happenstance at the time, turned into one that would have an immensely purposeful impact on the area, shaping the local real estate landscape into what it is today.

Mr. Defortuna played a pioneering role in developing some of the most luxurious buildings in South Florida including Jade Signature, Hyde Resort & Residences, Auberge Beach Residences & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Residences, and many more.

The following are some of Defortuna’s professional accomplishments:

• Recognized as a household name for having made a significant contribution to the internalization of Miami.
• CEO and Founder of one of the top Real Estate Development companies that generates about $1 billion annually in sales alone.
• Member of the Mayor of Miami’s International Council and Director of the Argentine-U. S. Chamber of Commerce.
During this interview, you will learn:
• Growing Development Areas in Miami.
• How to Identify Your Competitive Advantage.
• Time & Effort: Key in this industry.
• How to Transition from Broker to Developer.
• The Importance of Understanding your Customer’s Needs.
Great takeaways from this interview:
• “There’s no replacement for effort; you can be as intelligent as you can be but if you don’t put in the hours into the chair or in front of the desk, the chances to be successful are relatively small.”
• “Always analyze and make sure you understand the level of downsizing & put a limit to it before making a decision.”
• “Identify what works for you, identify what your particular strengths are and focus on potentiating them.”

Featured development: Jade Signature